JERA: Jera Encrypted Remote Archive

Backup and Restore technology that provides rock-solid security and is easy to use!

K-PC Conseilleurs Ltée is a distributor for Jera Encrypted Remote Archive Systems. We highly recommend this system as Jera is designed for unmatched data security coupled with ease of use. It is simple to restore any file at any time from any of the backups.

The Jera Backup and Restore System was developed by a computer security expert, who believes that being paranoid about who has control of your backed up data is a good thing. You should be the only one who has access, the only one in control, all the time. Online backup services that store your backups in the 'Cloud' are fine if you don't mind someone else having access to your data, having control of where your data is stored, or having your sensitive data exposed to the Internet. You have no control over what happens in the 'Cloud'.

A JERA backup box

Jera Features


Security can mean several different things. Data stored on paper which has since been shredded, incinerated, and re-cycled as lawn fertilizer may be said to be quite secure: no unauthorized people have access to it. It is clearly not useful to the authorized person seeking access to the information so stored. Jera is designed to maintain a good balance between the security that your data will not be read by other people, and the security that you will always have access to it.

Jera Security features in more detail (for the curious):

Data Security

Secure Access to your Data